The Aim of the Project

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The project is focusing on SMEs active in the value chain of tourism since they have a great impact on socio-economic development, while tourism entrepreneurship development is considered as a dynamic factor in the development of local communities.

The common CB problems tackled through the envisaged actions are:

New links creation: In the area of intervention there are significant broken links between academic society and business life. It seems that up to now academic society’s involvement in relevant projects was limited to elaborating studies. But there is a great need for putting theory into practice by challenging potential beneficiaries to participate in an open dialogue with the academic society which may create new potentials.

Publicity not for the shake of it: European-funded projects, by definition, are forced to include certain dissemination measures. Given the nature of the proposed intervention dissemination is seen as of great importance as it is an element of significant impact to the economic development that is perceived through the project. A flexible mix of publicity measures is chosen for the initiative to attract potential beneficiaries. In addition, the results will be used to enhance the added value for the area and bring a multiplier effect for those in question for taking the next step in a sector of a great prospective.