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The CapTour project – An initiative on Capitalising Tourism’s prospects of the region – consists of a set of actions, to be implemented over a two-year period with the ultimate goal to strengthen the key factors affecting entrepreneurial success in the tourism industry within the CB area.

The project is focusing on SMEs of this sector since the place and role of small and medium enterprises in the tourism and hospitality industry have a great impact on the socio-economic development of the CB area and tourism entrepreneurship development is considered a dynamic factor in the development of local communities. Strengthening the factors affecting entrepreneurship in tourism industry development entails the realization of concrete actions with a great impact on organizational and technological factors affecting it.

It is expected to result in the:

Through the development of the “Partnership Opportunity Platform” – a platform that will stay live and updated after the project’s completion – the main results of the project will contribute further to the improvement of the entrepreneurship conditions.

The project, at this second phase of evaluation, is seen as of even more crucial importance for the sector and the cross-border area, due to the impact that the ongoing health crisis (COVID-19) has in it which resulted in major changes in the touristic industry overall, compared to the state of things during its initial application.

CapTour’s beneficiaries, who are key stakeholders of the specific sector of the eligible program area, now more than ever before, stress the need for exploiting any possible opportunity for addressing the major concerns that this crisis raised, therefore address this initiative as a tool in achieving the businesses adaptation to the ‘new era’ of things.