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The project consists of actions that have as a goal to strengthen SMEs’ support system in order to improve entrepreneurship conditions in the value chain of tourism. This will be achieved by actions tailored to those aiming to start a business and to those who are already active.

Actions of the project, such as the partnership opportunity e-platform will provide business support via published project outputs for those who want to start a business while networking for SMEs will be easier since networking opportunities will be hosted.

Sectoral round tables and business forums will be realized in order for potential entrepreneurs to have access to sector know-how and support in generating business ideas. Also, potential entrepreneurs will gain know-how via their participation in training, consulting and mentoring actions. Special attention will be given to new and newly established SMEs, since via the project the needed skills for business success will be provided and the SMEs’ support will be enhanced.

The following factors will be affected:

The target group will be able to: