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Expected Outputs

The main outputs of the project that will significantly improve entrepreneurship conditions in the CB area, and contribute to the main objectives of the project are:

The following outputs will contribute to the successful implementation of the project and to the successful dissemination of the project results:

  • Management and coordination of the project.
  • The dissemination of the project’s aims, progress and results, through the realization of the communication plan.

Expected results

The project will result in an improved entrepreneurial climate able to facilitate the development of new businesses and also to support newly established SMEs in the tourism sector via:

Via the Partnership opportunity e-platform, an e-platform that will stay updated and accessible to the public, the main results will contribute further to the improvement of the entrepreneurial climate. The e-platform will host the results of the mapping study, the outputs of the round tables, business forums and networking–cooperation opportunities.

The results clearly provide added value to the CB area, since there is a lack in an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship in the tourism sector and also contributes to resulting in indicators since both new and newly established SMEs will receive support. An improved entrepreneurial business support environment will be developed under WP3 and WP4, satisfying the program-specific result indicator.

The results are specific, well-defined, measurable (e.g. refer to trainees), attainable (based on the needs of the CB area), realistic (there are no physical or financial constraints) and time-bound (there is enough time to be achieved and a specific timeline). Also, the project team will develop a flexible evaluative-monitoring results mechanism that will guarantee the ongoing measurement of results and outputs allowing the in-time monitoring and enabling the adaption of corrective measures.